2019 Credit Review

2019 Credit Review

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Entering 2019, the U.S. Economy was at the midst of a national federal government shutdown, fighting a trade war and waiting to see whether rates of interest would increase. Regularly sidestepping the persistent risk of recession each and every time it hit a bump, the economy stayed strong.

Indeed, the U.S. Economy exceeded expectations: Record task growth caused jobless prices to drop to historic lows, although the stock exchange flexed throughout every season. Customers, inturn, showed their self- self- confidence as they proceeded to energetically borrow and spend, of late evidenced because of the strong 2019 holiday shopping period.

This year, we can look back at 2019 to examine consumer credit behavior for clues on how Americans have responded to economic trends while it’s difficult to predict whether the economy will see continued growth. The information can also expose exactly exactly how customers have rebounded through the Great Recession of 10 years back and exactly just what their path may be moving forward. Read more of this post