The 9 finest spots for Bubble teas in Connecticut!

The 9 finest spots for Bubble teas in Connecticut!

Nothing can beat that first flavor of new bubble tea. Sip the abundant, milky beverage in whatever tastes of the picking and enjoy the chewy tapioca bubbles or flooding berries bubbles. These bubble beverage locations in Connecticut will move you to definitely Taiwan, providing the enjoy in numerous flavors and limitless changes selection. Listed below are all of our faves.

1. The Green Tea Extract Premises, West Hartford, CT

This extremely sweet-tasting tea residence constantly offers fine quality beverage and appetizing blends that one may purchase to take pleasure from from your home. With a close watch towards what’s trending, the green leaf tea Household now offers ripple teas, mid-day tea, tea slushies, and beverage lattes. The company’s ripple tea is produced with your selection of any tea in the shop plus the selection for tapioca bubbles and/or fruit-flavored bursting bubbles. Trendy pairings with tapioca bubbles consist of pu’er beverage or caramel cider chai.

2. Mei Beverage, Plainville, CT

Mei beverage serves a tasty combination of traditional Chinese snacks, such as dumplings and steamed buns, that pair absolutely using their bubble teas offerings. Ripple tea products can definitely become modified right here, employing the selection for very hot or chilly, sweet stage, and total ice (within the frigid beverage). Eat tasty iced cows milk tea or fruits teas with bubbles, or even mix and match the flavors to generate some thing perfectly designed for a person.

3. 0 Degree, Middletown, CT

This kawaii dessert shop gets the cutest Thai thrown frozen dessert creations and boba teas. The bubble tea tastes options are comprehensive in this article, with old-fashioned favorites such as basic milk tea, taro, jasmine, chai, Japanese green tea, and much more. Read more of this post