Using just the right gear – bondage some ideas and tools

Using just the right gear – bondage some ideas and tools

Newbies bondage tools

Simple tips to utilize Handcuffs

Handcuffs are an easy yet tool that is sexy make use of as the first rung on the ladder to the realm of bondage. Warning, stay far from inexpensive steel cuffs! These can find yourself hurting your wrist, spend money on a much better quality product such as for example silicone, leather, faux fur or padded handcuffs.

Just how to use – Lock your arms behind the back, cuff your hands into the sleep, or secure both hands above your mind (or your hands that are partner’s – the number of choices are endless. Determine what both you and your partner wish to accomplish together with your handcuffs just before whip them out. Have you thought to decide to try offering sex that is oral both hands behind your straight back, or ask them to connect you to definitely the sleep while having their wicked means to you (no escape!).

We recommend – Silicone handcuffs with metal studs. These handcuffs made of human anatomy safe silicone are rubbery in texture as never to cut epidermis. Read more of this post